The following quote is from “The Responsible Company” by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia. I am quoting it verbatim because it describes exactly why sidgl was started. It sums up the problem we saw and the inspiration that continues to drive us to make better products.

“Everything manufactured comes with a cost that exceeds its price.. Because resources continue to grow scarcer, while the world population still grows and becomes more urban, and consumes more, it seems to us that the days left to the consumer society as we know it are few in number. We are in transition to a post-consumerist society, and toward the recovery of our collective senses — of time, of public space, of proportion. In a post-consumerist world, goods are likely to become more expensive, to reflect their true social and environmental cost, prompting us to shop less as a form of entertainment. That’s not so bad. We’ll be able to recover time for satisfying pleasures that derive from pursuing our deepest interests; we’ll have more time with our friends and family, and more time for meaningful work.

– Yvon Chouinard, The Responsible Company

Sidgl was founded on the desire to solve this problem. To make goods from durable materials, crafted to withstand weather and day-to-day knockabout living while carrying all the things, and looking good doing so.

We are craftspeople first and foremost — and craftspeople in the most classic sense. Everything we do must delight the senses. It must look good, feel good and function perfectly. Everything we make MUST work in multiple contexts — when you get of your bike and go into the office, not only should your gear be protected, but you should look professional. Great design lasts a long time to our eyes. Great design should never go out of style or become anachronistic.

Great design also means our bags perform under multiple contexts — from bike-to-office-to-gym. For photo gear or computers or training gear. Anything and everything you need to take with you for the day should have a home in one of our bags. And it should be comfortable. you should be able to wear one of our bags, not just carry it.

Finally, if a sidgl bag ever wears out, for any reason, we will repair or replace it for life.

Delighting our customers and making their day-to-day a bit easier to navigate is our goal.

If we hit all of our marks, then you won’t have to buy another bag for 20 or so years. Buy it once and be happy with it for life.

–Ben Trissel

About Ben Trissel

Ben is the Founder of Sidgl, 4th generation craftsman and designer that believes in thoughtful design, sustainable manufacturing and functional beauty. Sidgl makes handcrafted bags that are designed to look good, feel good and above all function well.

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I am constantly in pursuit of my 3-goals for sidgl -- better design, greater sustainability and working with a community of like-minded individuals.  Join me as I explore this fashion revolution. --Ben


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