We strive to get our customers exactly what they want – if we do not have a color currently available, we will place an order for that fabric in order to fulfill your request. Please be aware that we will contact you regarding this process, and let you know the time it will take in order to fulfill this order.

Our Hardware is sourced from an aviation surplus store and there is some variation in seat belt buckle finishes. Some are shiny and some are matte. At this time, we are unable to control this. It is our greatest desire, that, when the time comes, the first order of business is custom hardware for our awesome custom bags. Until that time, we just go with that awesome vintage look.

The color of our fabric is subject to the dying and waxing process of the Fairfield Textile Mill in New Jersey Рwe cannot claim that the color of our cloth will be identical to the colors in our photos because there can be a degree of change to the dying and waxing process, or a color can be discontinued without notice and we substitute the closest available color. If you are uncertain as to what our actual colors and materials look like, you can write to Fairfield Textile Mill @ info@fairfieldtextile.com or order one of their swatch books: http://www.fairfieldfabrics.com/Sample-Books_c_61.html.

  1. If you are unsatisfied with the product Sidgl has made for you, we will do our best, within reason, to repair or replace that product. Your happiness is our top priority. Our motto is ‘Enjoy”.
  2. All products are made from waxed cotton canvas. The color is dye-fast, but there can be variance in color from batch to batch. Sidgl has no control over this variance.
  3. The release buckles are airplane surplus and there can be variation in size and sheen.
  4. Everything is sewn by hand.

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