The Tango Bag

Ideal for travel, this is our hybrid bag

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Rugged Functionality Made to Order

Originally designed for tango dancers (room enough for 2 pairs of shoes a dan water bottle). The design has morphed over time to be a good general-purpose commuter bag. It fits perfectly underneath an airplane seat which makes this bag ideal for travel.

Open roomy and simple with a lot of room to customize;
with optional photography gear compartments.

All bags are handcrafted, made-to-order, and customizable.

External Waterproof Pocket

The flap pocket is closed with a “Dry” zipper for extra water-resistance. Perfect for wallet, keys, passport, tickets to the Opera and the sundry stuff that you would normally stuff in your pockets. Put it here! Easy access and everything. It’s like a pant pocket, only fancier.

Water-Resistant Exterior | 11 x 18 x 6 | Washable Waxed Cotton

Perfect Balance

The Tango Bag has, like, 5 separate compartments. Or pockets. Whatever you want to call them, they help you store, carry and sort stuff that you need. Designed originally for Tango dancers (room enough for two pairs of shoes and a water bottle, then enhanced with these specifications: “I need a baby bag that I can use after the baby grows up.”

This bag fits under the seat on a plane, it has a zippered main compartment, a laptop compartment, a flap pocket, a front pocket and a pocket we like to call “The Mittens Pocket”. Because it gets cold in Chicago and you want to know where your mittens are…

Sustainably Made in the U.S.A.

Don’t settle for “good enough” – get what you need.

Need something specific? Hit us up at ‘’ – we will work with you to adapt our bag to your needs.