Slow fashion is a movement that aims to create products with no compromise over quality, sustainability, and fairness. It is opposed to fast fashion that instead encourages reckless spending by mass producing low quality items at an incredible low price at an incredible unstainable way, both for the environment and employees. This business model has brought the fashion industry to be one of the most polluting industries in the world. Slow fashion can foster a new type of shopping , a shopping of higher quality, sustainable, and fair, for everyone.

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Here at Sidgl we built the company itself based on the pillars on slow fashion that we now happily share with you.


Everything that is designed according to the slow fashion principles is designed for quality. This means that only the best materials are used allowing you to use the item not just for a year but for life.


The design itself is also built on the fact that it does not have to satisfy you in the short term or in the medium term period. Its aim is to have a timeless beauty that will be considera as such even in the long term period, like a great piece of suit.


Not mass producing items, slow fashion is able to produce just the right amount. For example at Sidgl we produce on demand. What does it mean? It mean that we work on every single bag just when it is ordered. In this way almost no waste is produced. But this is not all. The materials used are also made in a sustainable way, like vegetable tanned leather instead of the chromatic one. Therefore, slow fashion is able cut emissions for a clean production.


Every items produced are produced in a fair way, for everyone. The consumer gets a high quality lasting product, the process is sustainable, and employees are paid a fair wage, helping thus not only the planet but contributing to a much better quality of life in the community.

Building relationship.

The relationship beetween the brand and the consumer is personal in the slow fashion. Here at Sidgl we build that relationship since the beginning, when you first send your message to find out more of what we do. Not having to mass produce, we are able to consider every customer indeed by a name and not by credit card number, giving to each one of you the amount of care and attention you deserve, both during and after your purchased.

About Lucabrando Sanfilippo

Lucabrando is the Marketing Manager of the company. He is a student of Business Management and Economics at Bocconi University in Milan and a content creator under the bundle of @lucabrando_ an Instagram. He is passioned about social media, coffee shops, and travel.

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I am constantly in pursuit of my 3-goals for sidgl -- better design, greater sustainability and working with a community of like-minded individuals.  Join me as I explore this fashion revolution. --Ben


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