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The Art Bag

The Art Bag was originally designed to carry a plain air easel and various painting supplies. turns out it’s a super-great all-around bag for travel, grocery shopping, going to the gym – etc. We love the Art Bag because it can carry a lot of weight comfortably. We consider this our workhorse, and you should too.

Made-to-order (average time to make 2-3 weeks).

A representative will be in contact with about your order.


    Select the trim color to accent the main body color.

    Select the material inside your bag.

    • $
  • Fairfield waxed cotton canvas exterior and lining.
  • Horween leather, and heavy cotton straps
  • Recycled aviation hardware (Picked from a boneyard in Tucson)
  • Cross body webbing strap weight distributed design
  • Measures 20 x 14 x 9

Tough is Not Enough.

Durable and Sustainably sourced waxed cotton canvas, Horween leathers and all metal hardware makes for a tough bag. We make it tougher by double stitching all the seams.


Sidgl users are active. Whether they are on the bike, in the office, at the gym or exploring a new city, They are on the go and they need a bag that can keep up.

The Art Bag was originally designed to carry a Plein Aire easel. Turns out its great for carrying all sorts of stuff. Whether its groceries, gym clothes or a school year’s worth of books, the Art Bag can carry it all, carry it comfortably, and look great while doing it.

Play Hard. Look Good While Doing It.

External Waterproof Pocket

Designed for maximum function, The Art Bag has a flap pocket for quick access. Accented with a waterproof zipper, this pocket is perfect for keys, wallet, passport – all the stuff that normally crowds your pockets. A second pocket below the flap runs the length of the bag – great for notebooks, tablets, anything you don’t want rattling around in the main compartment.

Water-Resistant Exterior | 19 x 14 x 7 | Washable Waxed Cotton Canvas

Recycled Aviation Buckles

Aircraft quality, rugged alloy steel recycled quick release aviation buckles. Pulled from an aircraft boneyard in Tucson Arizona, some buckles have more personality than others, but they are all cool.


Sustainably Made in the U.S.A.

We believe you should never have to settle for what you want. All Sidgl bags are handmade, small-batch and sourced in the United States. Our mission is to re:make, re:new, and re:work manufacturing in the USA.

Our Designs combine function and durability into a timeless style. Sidgl uses old world craftsmanship as a model for sustainable manufacturing. –Ben Trissel

What people are saying about Sidgl ...

That's a beautiful bag. Badass bag. My bag. My new companion. A badass beautiful new pal who is going to travel this planet with me and the pups. Thank you. Thank you for introducing us. First stop Boston next week, new York after that, then Mexico city!!

Nell Gould

In 20 years of road travel I've gone through nine carry-on bags, I can't afford to waste money on any equipment that won't survive 200 days a year of airports, trains, Ubers and sprints down a jetway. Not only has my Sidgl bag handled everything I've thrown at it, it looks good while doing it. Would I buy another one? In a heartbeat, but I doubt I'll ever wear this one out.

Tim Vandergrift

I am a Seattle based filmmaker. I use my Sidgl bag in many "modes". Mostly, meetings or coffee shops. It carries my laptop in cozy style along with sketchbooks, pens, personal items and accessories. A second mode is as a gym bag. Finally, I use it as a camera bag for my DSLR. The soft cloth that cushioned my laptop, now protects my camera and extra lens. I love how strong the straps are and how easy the fasteners (buckles, zippers ) work. The materials are so durable and I love the care that went into making it.


I love my custom made Art Bag by SIDGL. It's chic and sturdy -- you can throw it around and abuse it and overload it and it remains beautiful, and more so with wear. My son, a rugged, bicyclist and runner visited me in NY and admired it so much that he had to have an Art Bag and now he is never without it.

Robin Coryell

Beautiful Design. Old World Craftsmanship. Sustainable Manufacturing.

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