The Art Bag

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The Art Bag

Messenger Bag

  • Fairfield waxed cotton canvas exterior and lining.
  • Horween leather, and heavy cotton straps
  • Recycled aviation hardware (Picked from a boneyard in Tucson)
  • Cross body webbing strap weight distributed design
  • Measures 20 x 14 x 9
  • Add a laptop compartment

Tough is Not Enough.

Durable and Sustainably sourced waxed cotton canvas, Horween leathers and all metal hardware makes for a tough bag. We make it tougher by double stitching all the seams.

The Art Bag was originally designed to carry a Plein Aire easel. Turns out its great for carrying all sorts of stuff. Whether its groceries, gym clothes or a school year’s worth of books, the Art Bag can carry it all, carry it comfortably, and it looks great.

Functional Design

External water-proof zipper. Front pocket for easy access. Throw in your keys, wallet, passport etc – makes it easy to travel.
Eighteen ounce waxed canvas is both durable and water-resistant. Ride in the rain with no fear of your stuff getting wet.

Roomy main compartment holds everything you need to move through your day, and it holds it comfortably. Fifty pounds of groceries can ride on your back and it won’t throw you off balance when you go into your drops.

Add a padded computer compartment , or divider pockets for extra storage and organization.


Water-Resistant Exterior | 19 x 14 x 7 | Washable Waxed Cotton Canvas

Recycled Aviation Buckles

All our hardware is metal. On the Art Bag, the strap buckle is a rugged aluminum quick release aviation buckle. These are pulled out of old aircraft for us.


Basement Bespoke.

We make everything in-house. Because we make everything in-house, we can prototype faster, meaning we can make our product better, faster. WE can respond faster to clients needs, and we can follow up on any of our client’s needs easily. It’s about community, and vitality. It’s about making the best product on the market.


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