Purchasing a leather bag is often a thoughtful investment. It takes a lot of time to make the decision but hopefully it will be time well spent. In order to help you decide whether or not a leather bag is right for you, we wrote a couple of things that you might be considering in the pre-purchase period but that are actually not true. Exactly, this a guide on “myths about leather bags”.

Image of a Sidgl leather backpack with a text on the right about myths about leather bags

Leather isn’t as durable as synthetic fabrics

This is completely false as leather has been used for thousands of years for the most diverse purposes: battles, wars, shelters, and so on. Real leather can withstand almost 5 times the amount of any other commonly used synthetic fabrics. Therefore, in the fashion industry leather is surely one of the most (if not the most) durable commonly used fabrics.

Real leather bags can only be brown

Actually, real and genuire leather can even be colored, so don’t be surprised if you see a pink bag labelled as “true leather”. Or for another example, a bright red piece of a leather bag may not look natural, but this doesn’t mean it is not made of real leather. Colors can be added through colorants after the tanning process with natural materials, obtaining thus basically any color the market demands. Therefore, ignore color and stick to other things like smell and texture.

Leather backpacks are super heavy

No, they are not. They of course are not a light material. However, their weight is more than bearable and is set off by the comfortability of their design (if a good bag). I, who I am writing this article, wear a Sidgl backpack all the day long and it’s perfectly comfortable until the end of the day.

Water will damage real leather

We don’t know where this myth comes from since cows roll around in the mud with it. As stated before, we have always used leather for a variety of uses, including as a shelter from rain, wind, and dirt. Water will not cause any real damage to real and genuine leathers.

Leather bags are not water resistant

Leather, considered as the raw material, goes through a process, called tanning, that make it usable. Usable means also tough enough to stand against rain. When we drop a small amount of water on a bag that is made of genuine leather, it actually will absorb some water, in only a few seconds (except for waterproof leather). This absorption helps the material remain supple and does not cause the bag’s contents to become wet. The bags that are made of plastic, have a non-absorbing tendency, and water will simply slide out right of their surface. Furthermore, leather can be extra treated with special materials that will make it not only water resistant but waterproof.

I will ruin it if I use it everyday

Great leather bags producers design them to withstand time. Therefore, leather bags are actually meant to be used daily as they are tough and not fragile like other material bags. The full grain leather bags are tanned with high-grade oils and preservatives which give a life of 30-40 years. So never worry about leather bags as they are always used by two generations.

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