How to Build Your Bag

Every Sidgl bag is custom, and built for you. Each client chooses colors, trim, and leather. Together, we work out the structural details. Decide what you need to carry, and how you want to carry it.

Our exterior fabric is 18 ounce Waxed Twill from Fairfield textile in New Jersey. Fairfield incorporates wax in the milling process, so the water-resistance is greater and the finish doesn’t wear off. Like leather, the fabric develops a nice patina over time.

The interior fabric is 10.10 ounce waxed canvas. Same quality and milling process as the twill, but lighter. We use this fabric as the liner and for all interior pockets.

Horween leather was established in 1905 in Chicago. They still use the same vegetable tanning methods to prepare their leathers. It’s some of the nicest leather produced in the US. When a client orders a big, we go to the Horween Mill and hand-select the hide just to make sure we are getting the nicest available product.

We use 3 mm 100% wool felt from Buffalo Felt for our backpacks, totes and as liner material in our laptop compartments. Like all our materials it’s US produced, high-quality and durable fabric.