Today we’ll tell you a brief history of one of the most popular bags ever designed: the messenger bag. For the few who don’t know, the messenger bag is a type of sack that is worn over one shoulder with a strap that goes across the chest resting the bag on the lower back. The materials used can be quite different. Canvas is surely what is used the most, but others like felt and leather are often found.

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Back in 1850, when California was admitted to the United States, the US Postal Service had the great challenge to deliver mails from the East to the West. This was done by sending riders on horseback with a new service called “the Pony Espress”. In order to move the letters from horse to horse at the relay stations, they created a bag designed to be transferred from horse to horse quickly and easily, a first version of the messenger bag.


The messenger bag gained much popularity during the War. It started to be known for its durability and versatility. People could use it in fact to store a lot of stuff very quickly, saving precious times and resources. Medics would carry medicines and essential supplies while soldiers filled the messenger bag with personal objects or food, to keep their hands free for weapons or tools. The bag was also used to dispatch orders and documents of great importance.


The modern history of the messenger bag goes back to the 1950’s. De Martini Global Canvas Company designer a bag for one purpose and one purpose alone: make the workers life easier. In particular, they designed a satchel for telephone lineman who needed to access their tools while high on a telephone pole. The messenger bag was very spacious and functional. It involved cotton canvas lined with waterproof fabric, two closure straps, and internal pockets. The curious thing was that the company didn’t make the bag available in stores at that time: they were only issued and used by various companies.


The messenger bag is now one of the most popular bags carried by the people and its design is clearly recognizable. Everywhere in the streets of the world, New York City, San Francisco, Berlin, Milan, Chicago, London, you will see not only bikers, but pedestrians using this functional, comfortable, and beautiful bag.


Here at Sidgl we are proud to design and create beautiful bags and the messenger bag is one of those. As always, you can contact us and we will, together, design a messenger bag that fits you in every manner.

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