We love the idea that a great bag is for ever. But to achieve truly amazing results we know that we can’t do this alone. This is why we involve You in the decision making process of your bag. We together choose colors, trim, and leather. Together, we work out the structural details. But this is not  the end. For a bag to be for ever it needs care and passion over time, so here’s a bunch of suggestions for you to keep your bag great, forever.


  1. Do wipe your bag once a week. Use warm water mixed with a tiny small amount of mild liquid soap and take a soft damp cloth to wipe away any dirt from the outside.
  2. Do keep your bag stuffed (you can use old clothes for example) if you plan not to use it for a couple of days or more, it will help the bag to keep its shape.
  3. Also, do use an old pillowcase to keep your bag protected from dust.
  4. Do use a professional leather cleaning agents on tougher dirt. These products will surely be more expensive but they surely bring in more value (and perhaps avoid damages to your bag, saving you a lot of money).
  5. Do put an open container of baking powder inside your bag and leave it for up to 24 hours to absorb bad smells.


  1. Don’t use ammonia, it can damage the surface.
  2. Don’t leave your handbag in direct sunlight for a long time because it might get the color to fade.
  3. Don’t use water on grease stains, it simply won’t work.
  4. Don’t try to remove old ink stains yourself. They will probably be stubborn and taking the bag to a professional care specialist is the best thing to do.
  5. This one is yours to complete, let us know in the comments your favorite don’t!

About Lucabrando Sanfilippo

Lucabrando is the Marketing Manager of the company. He is a student of Business Management and Economics at Bocconi University in Milan and a content creator under the bundle of @lucabrando_ an Instagram. He is passioned about social media, coffee shops, and travel.

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