Behind the creative process

"I am tired of this creative job I have" said nobody ever. Why? Even though creating art is one of the most difficult things a human can ever do, it is probably the most satisfying one along with helping people. The creative process can lower your stress levels, puts...

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6 must-have things in your backpack

Sidgl bags are roomy for a specific reason: allowing you to carry whatever you want whenever you want. But this doesn’t mean that you need to fill them up every time. However, there are some essentials that you can’t just leave at home when you go to work, no matter...

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Fit Matters: Design As An Extension of The Self

Fit Matters. When you buy a pair of pants — you want them to fit. When you buy a shirt, shoes, gloves, socks — you want them to fit. So why do so many people not care that their bag fits. Most people carry a bag — which makes sense in the context of a bag — it’s a...

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A Tale of Two Bags

Sidgl has a simple support policy. We will repair or replace any bag if a structural failure occurs. I kind of wanted to dig into that statement a little bit because I think the reasoning behind this policy is important. From 2013 to 2016 I worked for Adobe Typekit. I...

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The Economy of Craftsmanship.

I am so not an economist —but going off a standard definition of “economy: — “careful management of available resources.” I can offer some perspective of how that relates to artisanal production. For detail, I am a craftsman by training and by trade. I started as an...

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Young Cuisine

This is a story of sustainability. Not the word “sustainability” which has been neutered into meaningless marketing jargon— rather, it is sustainability as an aesthetic. The sustainability of an experience and a movement — and how that relates to things, both greater...

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Everything I Know About Typography.

OK. It is not everything I know — rather this is a distillation of what I know, based on almost 40 years of rumination and working with type and design. This is more of a philosophical article rather than a practical or demonstrative one. After all, the language of...

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Tai Chi and Truth

I can tell you in 2 minutes what you need to do in order to cultivate the amazing benefits of tai chi practice. In those two minutes, I can give you all the tools necessary, all the movement and explanation for you, yourself, to go off and become a bad-ass tai chi...

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