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Fit Matters: Design As An Extension of The Self

Fit Matters. When you buy a pair of pants — you want them to fit. When you buy a shirt, shoes, gloves, socks — you want them to fit. So why do so many people not care that their bag fits. Most people carry a bag — which makes sense in the context of a bag — it’s a...

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A Tale of Two Bags

Sidgl has a simple support policy. We will repair or replace any bag if a structural failure occurs. I kind of wanted to dig into that statement a little bit because I think the reasoning behind this policy is important. From 2013 to 2016 I worked for Adobe Typekit. I...

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Young Cuisine

This is a story of sustainability. Not the word “sustainability” which has been neutered into meaningless marketing jargon— rather, it is sustainability as an aesthetic. The sustainability of an experience and a movement — and how that relates to things, both greater...

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Everything I Know About Typography.

OK. It is not everything I know — rather this is a distillation of what I know, based on almost 40 years of rumination and working with type and design. This is more of a philosophical article rather than a practical or demonstrative one. After all, the language of...

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So. Sidgl.

Sidgl - or sigil - is a mark that represents an object or an idea. My idea is this: to make beautiful, durable and thoughtful multi-functional objects for active people. To make things that help people stay active and to help people become more active. Great design...

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Our Designs combine function and durability into a timeless style. Sidgl uses old world craftsmanship as a model for sustainable manufacturing. –Ben Trissel

What people are saying about Sidgl ...

That's a beautiful bag. Badass bag. My bag. My new companion. A badass beautiful new pal who is going to travel this planet with me and the pups. Thank you. Thank you for introducing us. First stop Boston next week, new York after that, then Mexico city!!

Nell Gould

In 20 years of road travel I've gone through nine carry-on bags, I can't afford to waste money on any equipment that won't survive 200 days a year of airports, trains, Ubers and sprints down a jetway. Not only has my Sidgl bag handled everything I've thrown at it, it looks good while doing it. Would I buy another one? In a heartbeat, but I doubt I'll ever wear this one out.

Tim Vandergrift

I am a Seattle based filmmaker. I use my Sidgl bag in many "modes". Mostly, meetings or coffee shops. It carries my laptop in cozy style along with sketchbooks, pens, personal items and accessories. A second mode is as a gym bag. Finally, I use it as a camera bag for my DSLR. The soft cloth that cushioned my laptop, now protects my camera and extra lens. I love how strong the straps are and how easy the fasteners (buckles, zippers ) work. The materials are so durable and I love the care that went into making it.


I love my custom made Art Bag by SIDGL. It's chic and sturdy -- you can throw it around and abuse it and overload it and it remains beautiful, and more so with wear. My son, a rugged, bicyclist and runner visited me in NY and admired it so much that he had to have an Art Bag and now he is never without it.

Robin Coryell

Beautiful Design. Old World Craftsmanship. Sustainable Manufacturing.

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