“I am tired of this creative job I have” said nobody ever. Why? Even though creating art is one of the most difficult things a human can ever do, it is probably the most satisfying one along with helping people. The creative process can lower your stress levels, puts you in what’s known as state of flow, boosts your self-esteem, and releases dopamine. But what’s behind it in real life? The creative process involves hundreds of variables but we made a list of the most important ones we go through when we sit and design what you want to wear.

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“Good artists copy, great artists steal” – Pablo Picasso

Everything starts from here. We gather ideas from everywhere and everyone: social media, books, magazines, other artists and even competitors. Then we pick what interests us the most. Sometimes it’s a lot of stuff, sometimes it’s just a couple of elements. We take them but we don’t copy them, we use them as a source of inspirations, reinterpreting what has been and combining it with something new.

Consistent work

We don’t believe overnight success exists. That’s why we need to work on our design every day, improving 1% at a time. You simply can’t cram the creative process in one session. This is something well known to musicians for example. It’s not a matter of playing the guitar seven hours a week, it’s a matter of playing one hour everyday so that your body and brain can learn and build upon what has been laid before.

Active learning

Inspiration and consistent work without active learning will not lead us anywhere. We say active because we truly have to think about the process we are going through when we create. We need to be conscious. We need to catch any glimpse of improvement. Otherwise we would just repeat, like robots, and we would slowly remain behind everyone else.

Stepping out of the comfort zone

It’s easy to remain satisfied with what we have accomplished, but the creative process can’t stop here. We not only try to improve what we have already created, we also need to create something completely from scratch. From zero. And this is hard, it truly is. You go out and you are literally walking in the dark.You try a design, new materials, new ways of cutting the leather. You know the process. You gather materials and ideas, you work consistently on it and you actively learning at every step. And now you have a brand new product you have never thought about.


Not working on the piece we are creating is as important as working on it. Why? Sometimes it happens to be working for inertia, not really evaluating every step we are taking. Getting some rest is useful as we come back to the piece we are fresher and the probability to see something new (most often something wrong) is much higher than before.


Criticism can be painful because when we fall in love with something it’s hard to change it. But without it we couldn’t do what we do, the world is beautiful because diverse. We always looks for feedback in order to improve what we create and learn from our mistakes. 

About Lucabrando Sanfilippo

Lucabrando is the Marketing Manager of the company. He is a student of Business Management and Economics at Bocconi University in Milan and a content creator under the bundle of @lucabrando_ an Instagram. He is passioned about social media, coffee shops, and travel.

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