Sidgl is a small company with a mission.
We are changing manufacturing in the US by
focusing on design, sourcing of materials,
and waste management. Making custom
commuter bags from sustainably and
locally sourced materials; combining
functional design, classic style and high-quality
construction. Our bags are
beautiful and useful for generations.

The fashion industry generated over 15 million tons of fabric waste 1in 2016, alone. We are reducing our own fabric waste by making one bag at a time. We then repurpose and recycle to curtail what ends up in landfills. Because we keep production local, we are better able to prototype and respond to customer needs and provide better service for our clients. We are also able to serve our immediate community because we can hire locally. We are changing our world by design. We are changing how things are made.


Sidgl Custom Bespoke Bags

Built for Living

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