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Sidgl bags are roomy for a specific reason: allowing you to carry whatever you want whenever you want. But this doesn’t mean that you need to fill them up every time. However, there are some essentials that you can’t just leave at home when you go to work, no matter your day, your mood or what your job is. We prepared a list of 6 must-have things to put in your backpack. Here we go:

  1. Laptop (or tablet). If the first thing we would never handle to a stranger is our phone, the second thing would surely be our laptop. But beside this, it’s always good to have a device that will allow you to get work done independently of your location or circumstances. And no, you are not going to convince us that you can write a document on your phone!
  2. Chargers. Of any type. Seriously. Get your laptop charger, your power bank, and your phone charger. You have a smartphone, not a Nokia 5580, its battery is not going to last until you get home.
  3. FOOD. It is in uppercases because we do care a lot about it. Avoid bananas, you will surely smash them. You’re good to go with apples or oranges. Have you ever tried Special K cereal bars? If not stop reading this post and GET some! And no again, it is not a sponsored post for Kellogg’s, we are genuine here at Sidgl.
  4. Aspirin. Working long hours on a screen can often cause you some serious headache, be prepared.
  5. Notepad and pens. We know we live in 2018, but writing by hand still has its magic. And you never know if your phone stops to work.
  6. Water. Do the world and yourself a favor and buy one of those amazing steel bottle. You can refill it up everywhere and you can stay hydrated all the day long.

They did not make the list, but there are actually a couple of things more that, even though not really a must-have, can surely be quite helpful in your day.

  • Umbrella. If you live in London or Oregon, you probably already know this. But even if you live in a relatively sunny place, considering bringing an ombrella with you especially in autumn is not a bad idea. Weather is unstable and it is better to carry an extra small item in your back than getting all wet during your commute.
  • An extra sweatshirt or light jacket. When springs comes or summer is at your door, it’s easy to underestimate the chilly temperatures after a certain hour. Bringing with you a light jacket can save you from a cold in the case you stay in the office more than expected.

If you have any must-have that you think we must-write let us know!

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Lucabrando is the Marketing Manager of the company. He is a student of Business Management and Economics at Bocconi University in Milan and a content creator under the bundle of @lucabrando_ an Instagram. He is passioned about social media, coffee shops, and travel.

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Our Designs combine function and durability into a timeless style. Sidgl uses old world craftsmanship as a model for sustainable manufacturing. –Ben Trissel

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That's a beautiful bag. Badass bag. My bag. My new companion. A badass beautiful new pal who is going to travel this planet with me and the pups. Thank you. Thank you for introducing us. First stop Boston next week, new York after that, then Mexico city!!

Nell Gould

In 20 years of road travel I've gone through nine carry-on bags, I can't afford to waste money on any equipment that won't survive 200 days a year of airports, trains, Ubers and sprints down a jetway. Not only has my Sidgl bag handled everything I've thrown at it, it looks good while doing it. Would I buy another one? In a heartbeat, but I doubt I'll ever wear this one out.

Tim Vandergrift

I am a Seattle based filmmaker. I use my Sidgl bag in many "modes". Mostly, meetings or coffee shops. It carries my laptop in cozy style along with sketchbooks, pens, personal items and accessories. A second mode is as a gym bag. Finally, I use it as a camera bag for my DSLR. The soft cloth that cushioned my laptop, now protects my camera and extra lens. I love how strong the straps are and how easy the fasteners (buckles, zippers ) work. The materials are so durable and I love the care that went into making it.


I love my custom made Art Bag by SIDGL. It's chic and sturdy -- you can throw it around and abuse it and overload it and it remains beautiful, and more so with wear. My son, a rugged, bicyclist and runner visited me in NY and admired it so much that he had to have an Art Bag and now he is never without it.

Robin Coryell

Beautiful Design. Old World Craftsmanship. Sustainable Manufacturing.

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