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Welcome the 0001 Backpack

A small-batch beautiful leather and felt backpack (only 100 will be made) Learn More

Our Designs combine function and durability into a timeless style. Sidgl uses old world craftsmanship as a model for sustainable manufacturing. –Ben Trissel

Fit Matters: Design As An Extension of The Self

Fit Matters. When you buy a pair of pants — you want them to fit. When you buy a shirt, shoes, gloves, socks — you want them to fit. So why do so many people not care that their bag fits. Most people carry a bag — which makes sense in the context of a bag — it’s a...

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A Tale of Two Bags

Sidgl has a simple support policy. We will repair or replace any bag if a structural failure occurs. I kind of wanted to dig into that statement a little bit because I think the reasoning behind this policy is important. From 2013 to 2016 I worked for Adobe Typekit. I...

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